Your Personal Brand – Could It Be The Missing Piece?

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More people are becoming interested in their personal brand, and for good reason – it’s the foundation of a sustainable career. If having a personal brand is an idea that’s new to you, there are probably some big questions you’re looking to have answered. What exactly is a personal brand? How to have one – or not having one – affect my career? How do I go about developing my personal brand?

First of all, you need to know what a personal brand consists of. Just like one that belongs to a company, your personal brand represents the sum of what you have to offer. It’s what is recognizable about your work, and carries with it a value which can rise or fall at a moment’s notice. To the people you work with, your personal brand is you, so upholding its integrity should be your number one priority.

You might think you don’t need a personal brand, but in reality, you already have one. The key to your career’s success lies in taking control of that brand and using it to effectively communicate what you stand for. You want your brand to be known, trusted, and respected by everyone who comes into contact with you.

Cultivating this brand awareness involves being both appealing and memorable.

So, how do you get to that point? How do you develop your personal brand into one that will help you achieve your professional goals?

First, you need clarity.

What are your career goals? At a given point in the future, where would you like to be, and what are your ideas for getting there? What role does your current position play in the bigger picture?

After clarity comes confidence.

By adding to your sense of purpose, you’ll develop a greater confidence in your choices and be more prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

If you’re still wondering how these things contribute to your personal brand, or how you can leverage your personal brand into career growth, think about it this way:

Most professionals fall into one of two categories.

The first group of people can be described as chasers. They lack clear vision, and tend to grasp at any and every opportunity without an apparent sense of how their career will be affected. Their professional growth happens in fits and starts, and is punctuated with periods of stagnancy and regression.

On the other hand, you have pacers. These people select opportunities thoughtfully, driven by an understanding of what inspires them. They have careers which crescendo elegantly through planning, poise, and self-assurance.

If you haven’t guessed, the people who fall into the first category are those who haven’t devoted time or energy to developing their personal brand. The second category consists of those who have cultivated their personal brand carefully.

If you think you might fall into the first category, however, all is not lost. Countless successful people began their careers as unorganized chasers. By taking control of their personal brand and actively seeking avenues for self-advancement, such as through executive development programs, these professionals can easily turn things around.

When you’re able to develop a personal brand that is well-known, trustworthy, and respected, you’ll find that your well on the way to achieving your most ambitious career goals.

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Christina Holloway