Do you know your leadership style?

Hi, I’m Christina Holloway. I’m here to help you grow your business faster, create results-driven teams, and increase profitability. I help executives, business owners and entrepreneurs find a leadership style that brings results fast, and I want to do the same for you.

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    I Love What I Do And So Do My Clients

    Chief Executive Artrepreneur™ mwseq™ Christina came highly recommended by a company advisor. This advisor is exceptionally successful and he doesn’t recommend anyone lightly. I was experiencing employee trouble. It was rather serious and I was fumbling. Through Christina’s coaching, we analyzed the situation and determined that I needed to remove some problem employees. It was... Read Testimonials


    I believe in social change. So much so that I’ve woven it into my business model. When you invest in your professional success through my training, executive coach, and mentoring programs, you’re not only helping yourself, you’re giving back to a good cause dedicated to building healthy and safe communities. You will make a difference.

    Create Meaningful Change

    I help ambitious high-achievers make their next career move the most lucrative and fulfilling yet.

    To realize your maximum potential, what do you need to do?

    If you feel unfulfilled or stagnant in your career, you are not alone. Managers and executives who come to me share the extreme frustration of staying where they are instead of exploring options and moving forward:

    • The dissatisfaction of working in a culture or with leaders that you don’t respect
    • The boredom and stagnation of being stuck in a rut
    • Feeling like you are missing out on more lucrative and satisfying options

    I will show you the simple formula that I have used with my clients for the past 15 years to pull you out of the continuous circle of putting out fires, and into the path of igniting your vision while generating peak performance effortlessly in your role as a leader.

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    • Resolve conflict in a manner that improves professional relationships, and helps people move forward without looking back.
    • And much more!