As an executive coach, I work directly with a limited number of high-potential professionals each year, who are focused on developing a leadership style that will take their career objectives to the highest levels of achievement. I’ve worked with executives in the c-suite, founders of groundbreaking and innovative startups, and newly anointed members of executive teams tasked with taking the business in a new and exciting direction.

As a career strategist, my coaching solutions fit a variety of situations and client needs. If you are self-employed or interested in focused coaching packages to develop your career, we can work together to focus on the areas where you would like to grow, including:

  • Defining your powerful professional brand.
  • Developing an effective communication style that creates clarity and eliminates misunderstandings.
  • Creating a powerful image and presence.
  • Identifying and leveraging your strengths effectively.
  • Building professional relationships that give you access to new opportunities.

If you struggle with any one or more of the following issues, my career coaching programs will help you move forward with confidence and clarity:

  • The work you’re doing has become unfulfilling or stagnant.
  • You’re unable to break through to the next level in your career.
  • You struggle with being heard, especially with decision-makers, influencers, or leadership.
  • You have repeatedly been passed over for prime projects or promotions with no clear explanation as to why.
  • You’ve been told that your personality is not “leadership material.”

My coaching programs include the following packages:

  • A comprehensive half-day Hogan workshop.
  • A six-month intensive coaching program.
  • A 12-month limited enrollment leadership accelerator mastermind.

These packages are designed to be intensive and may not be right for everyone. As an ideal candidate, you will benefit from any of these coaching offerings if you have something specific you need to address.

If you’re interested in my corporate coaching programs, feel free to contact me to discuss custom solutions.


These days, I work with a wide variety of executives, entrepreneurs, and high potential clients from all over the world. The work we do helps these leaders develop strategies for growth, create high performance teams, inspire those around them, and make powerful decisions with clarity and confidence.

So, How did I get here?

Like many people, I started my career with ambitious dreams and hopes of advancement through the major corporation where I worked. I was young and hungry and I thought that if I did good work, then the right people would notice. While I did get noticed, circumstances quickly changed that had me considering taking a different path than the one I had laid out for myself.

I was fired, downsized, laid off.

And while that would normally be upsetting, it turned out that there had been a mistake and the company wanted to make things right.

So they hired me back as a consultant. It was this moment that drastically changed the way I showed up for work. It helped me define exactly how I wanted to build my career and how I wanted to be seen by the others around me.

Two things began to happen. First, I gave myself an immersive learning experience around major corporate infrastructure, including operations, finance, strategy, marketing & branding, and high performance management. Second, I learned how to grow a small but mighty consulting business through my solutions, advice, professional relationships, and tough negotiation.

I’ve helped some of the most successful executives at major corporations run their departments, make winning decisions, nurture new talent … and achieve career goals that had previously been out of reach. And I can do that for you, too.


This option is ideal for companies interested in offering coaching workshops for their leadership teams. The workshop covers common leadership development questions: What’s your leadership style? Where do you tend to self sabotage? What are your motivations and preferences? What are your career goals and why is that important to you right now? Christina believes that exposure to coaching and coaching methods earlier in an employee’s career sets them up for success with their career development, as well as the ability to make an impact driving the company’s goals forward.

The workshop starts with a Hogan Assessment for each participant. This is a comprehensive personality assessment designed to help employees understand where they thrive professionally, where they may struggle, and how their preferences for work have shaped their careers. This group debrief is robust and lasts about two hours.

Then, we’ll spend the next two hours shaping the discussion around effective leadership techniques, how to use the information in the Hogan Assessment to each participant’s best advantage, and how to create a roadmap for future success individually and as a high performance team.

The Half-Day HOGAN Workshop $10,000

Make sure to reach out for additional information if you’re interested in the workshop, which focuses on understanding your personality preferences, strengths, and challenges, along with creating a path toward career success.

Please contact me to learn more.

Note: workshops are now in-person (Chicagoland area) and virtual.


This six-month coaching package works best for professionals and executives who need to show up stronger in a demanding work environment. We will spend time working on target areas such as strong team management, prioritizing initiatives, strong communication skills, managing expectations from leadership, and much more.

This package breaks down as follows:

  • A complimentary Hogan Assessment to understand your strongest personality traits, as well as areas where you may shrink away during stress, overwhelm, or conflict. With this assessment, we determine where you feel you are struggling, and find a path forward to help you overcome your challenges. Once we understand your preferences, we move into coaching.
  • Six months of coaching in the areas that are most important to you. This includes monthly one-hour coaching sessions where we work on your biggest goals. We will use this time to implement leadership development frameworks to make a powerful impact quickly, as well as professional brand frameworks to redefine who you are professionally and how you want to be seen.
  • Three 30-minute COD (coach-on-demand) sessions per month. These sessions are optional and are available if you need a quick pep-talk before a big meeting or presentation. This is another layer of support that my clients find helpful. 

You’re a good candidate for this coaching package if you work in a corporate environment as an experienced manager, senior manager, director, or new executive and you’re ready for bigger things but not sure how to improve your skills, network for success, or communicate with power. You would also benefit from this coaching package if you are a business owner interested in creating a powerful professional brand that helps you land the best clients for your business.

Note: if you’re interested in hiring an executive coach for a corporate engagement, please contact me to learn more about my custom corporate coaching packages.

Six Month Coaching Engagement $12,000

This coaching engagement will help you build a meaningful career, position you for advancement, and help you step into a new understanding of your leadership style. To learn more about this program, contact me today. Note: six-month coaching engagements include the option to extend beyond the initial engagement.

Note: All coaching engagements are currently virtual.


The Leader Accelerator Mastermind is group coaching at its finest. This program brings together an intimate group of like-minded individuals, all working towards specific goals to achieve executive presence. This 12-month program runs through a calendar year and includes group coaching calls, individual coaching, and monthly prompts that provide targeted feedback and support as you continue to grow, learn, and incorporate the lessons of this program into your own professional development.

Program Overview
Leaders will learn how to communicate with authority and confidence, deal with perceived fear and resistance, and reframe mistakes on the path to success. Participants will gain the tools to become more impactful in the decision making process, as well as gain a sense of confidence in their leadership skills that they can implement with success through experience and practice. 
Program Benefits
  • Explore and encourage the characteristics of a high performance culture.
  • Build respect by learning to lead with impact and confidence.
  • Discover and embody your most authentic leadership style.
  • Build an effective communication toolkit to deal with difficult conversations.
  • Discover how to manage change, build resilience, and embrace agility within your organization / team / department.
The Leader Accelerator Mastermind includes:
  • A Hogan Assessment to help you understand your areas of strength, as well as the areas that can derail your best efforts.
  • Bi-monthly group calls that focus on targeted progress for you and the other participants.
  • Quarterly coaching to keep you on track with your professional leadership development.

To learn more about the program, contact me to see if it’s a right fit for you.

Leader Accelerator Mastermind $24,000

Consider joining this unique leadership development program if you find yourself struggling in areas like imposter syndrome, ability to lead and motivate teams, authentic leadership, speaking with confidence and purpose, leading through challenging times, or defining a powerful professional brand.

Ideal candidates are executives who may find themselves recently promoted to a position of authority, asked to lead through transformation, or trying to take a business to the next level. You’re an ideal candidate if you are an executive level leader who needs to show up with confidence and authority.

The next mastermind start date is January 8, 2024.

Christina Holloway