Dina M.
Dina M.

During an extensive job search, which has taken well over a year, I’ve been told that I’m either too qualified, not qualified enough or lack certain qualifications for jobs that are perfect for me! Christina knew how to get me to look into myself and find the answers I needed to re-brand not only my resume and professional bio, but also my mindset. Working with Christina has allowed me to look at myself in a completely different way. I feel more empowered every day and am learning to flex my muscles to ask for what I deserve. To me, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Dave S.

Working side by side with Christina to get a log-jammed executive team up and running again was instructive. She was first to connect the dots between their myriad dysfunctions and their unstable culture. Her masterful connecting of the dots for these leaders was a huge step forward towards their goals of peaceful and aligned effort. Christina readily earned the trust of this bruised executive team, deftly leading the way to the collaborative redesign of their cultural platform. She’s a true gem: a remarkable advisor and coach with a warm and empathetic, yet no-nonsense style. She further distinguishes herself through her deep understanding of organizational cultural issues and the frameworks she’s developed to make intentional design, or redesign, accessible to all who seek it. Christina continues to wow me as she consults with depth and vision around the complex cultural issues my executive clients face.

Stacy A.

Christina’s commitment to making a growth strategy understandable and achievable was evident in every interaction I had with her. As a self-starter with many irons in the fire, I was scattered. I appreciated Christina’s direct honest approach. She helped me understand what I could accomplish, and then took me through the process of building my plan to achieve my goals. From creating more engagement on my team, to building a business strategy, to honing my leadership presence, she helped me find the right approach, get the results I wanted and realize my vision.

Jessica L.

Christina made me feel like I was part of a team and that we were finding a solution to my business challenges together. She was willing to work with me through any obstacle to get to the appropriate solution, even if it meant changing direction or tweaking our ideas from where we originally thought we were going. She built a solution with me, created a roadmap that I understood, made sure it worked and then gave me the information I needed to apply it.

Terrah K.

Christina’s expertise as a professional coach and leadership advisor has been invaluable to me. She was very hands-on, walking me through the process of my own growth and evolution, while sharing her unique experiences and explaining why each step was important. She asked intuitive questions that would get us both to a better understanding for what I needed out of a coaching relationship. She has a gentle but authoritative approach that created immediate trust, but also let me know that she would hold me accountable for my progress. Collaborating with her has been deeply rewarding.

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