R. Darryl Thomas

Chief Executive Artrepreneur™


Christina came highly recommended by a company advisor. This advisor is exceptionally successful and he doesn’t recommend anyone lightly. I was experiencing employee trouble. It was rather serious and I was fumbling. Through Christina’s coaching, we analyzed the situation and determined that I needed to remove some problem employees. It was one of the hardest management challenges for me, but it also became my case study for better hiring practices. Her guidance helped in better handling future situations. She clarified how to efficiently dispatch difficult employee decisions. Christina is awesome. Do yourself a favor and invest in her amazing program.

Charu Swaminathan

Mishkalo, the wedding gift registry for art

Christina is very professional and has great experience and insights that will be valuable for you as a business owner. She is dedicated and wants to help you succeed. She helped me organize my ideas and thoughts about my business and especially my marketing strategy. When I first started working with Christina, I did not know where to focus my energies, but she helped me prioritize and develop the right strategy. Because of her guidance and mentoring, I now have two new clients. I would highly recommend Christina’s programs for anyone who is looking to grow their business.

Emily Nieder
Emily Nieder

Owner and Paintings Conservator
Athena Art Conservation, LLC

I wasn’t sure what to expect before working with Christina but she immediately calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease. She is very smart and was able to zoom in to my needs as the owner of a new business in a niche field. Christina pushes you out of your comfort zone but always takes your personality and mindset into consideration; she helps you focus on what you bring to the table and cultivate your strengths, never forcing you to become a different person to fit into a predetermined mold. Through her Next Level Leader course, I was able to hone my message, become both more effective and comfortable when communicating what I do with others, and develop an action plan, which is exactly what I needed at this point in my career.

Shea Maunsell
Shea Maunsell

Clueless App

I had no hesitations signing up for the coaching pilot since Christina is clearly very intelligent from the moment you meet her, and after our first session, she followed up with an impressive list of actionable ideas. Christina helped me to multi-task and to prioritize during a very turbulent time in my business. She provides actionable insights to your complex problems. I highly recommend her!

Omar Sweiss

Founder & CEO
Justice Bid, LLC

Christina gave us the structure and vision we needed to succeed. Her sales strategy was both effective and practical. We started more conversations than ever because of Christina and are on our way to landing the biggest possible client in a new market she helped us pursue. Because Christina was a coach at 1871 Chicago, we did not have many hesitations that she would be worth our time. She exceeded expectations and delivered great value to our business on many fronts. Christina is sharp and she will push you out of your comfort zone. Things will change, but you will not regret it. The results will speak for themselves.

Tori Ulrich
Tori Ulrich

Chicago Super Sitters

When I first started working with Christina, I had no idea what to expect. She was the first business coach I had ever met and I was so emotionally overwhelmed that I literally entered our first meeting in tears. She welcomed me with a warm smile, total validation, and supportive questions. My biggest win has been finding clarity in my goals, and coming up with a specific action plan for achieving them. It is clear that Christina wants to help you find YOUR best way, not HER best way. She listens, asks such good questions, and tunes in to the sub-text of your answers. I encourage anyone that gets to meet her to be open and honest from the start, so that you can take full advantage of the sound advice and helpful questions she can lend you.

Dan Sullivan head shot
Dan Sullivan


As somebody trying to start and grow a business, my time is scarce. I was concerned the yield from investing cycles in being coached would fall short of expectations – I was mistaken. Early on Christina shed light on numerous areas where improvement and acceleration were possible. Her meticulous thought process and tailored strategic planning laid the groundwork for progression. From contract structuring to healthy thinking and proper negotiation, my daily execution was transformed by her insight. She inspired confidence to play by my own rules, know my worth, and have fun while building the dream. Christina is undoubtedly a top-notch business professional, a true hustler, has been there, and done that. Her in-depth knowledge of private industry represents a unique value proposition for anybody looking to up their game.

Dave Schulman, M.S., LMHC

Leader Advisor and Development Partner

Working side by side with Christina to get a log-jammed executive team up and running again was instructive. She was first to connect the dots between their myriad dysfunctions and their unstable culture. Her masterful connecting of the dots for these leaders was a huge step forward towards their goals of peaceful and aligned effort. Christina readily earned the trust of this bruised executive team, deftly leading the way to the collaborative redesign of their cultural platform. She’s a true gem: a remarkable advisor and coach with a warm and empathetic, yet no-nonsense style. She further distinguishes herself through her deep understanding of organizational cultural issues and the frameworks she’s developed to make intentional design, or redesign, accessible to all who seek it. Christina continues to wow me as she consults with depth and vision around the complex cultural issues my executive clients face.

Dina M.
Dina Morgan

Founder and Head of Customer Experience
DGM Client Management Services

During an extensive job search, which has taken well over a year, I’ve been told that I’m either too qualified, not qualified enough or lack certain qualifications for jobs that are perfect for me! Christina knew how to get me to look into myself and find the answers I needed to re-brand not only my resume and professional bio, but also my mindset. Working with Christina has allowed me to look at myself in a completely different way. I feel more empowered every day and am learning to flex my muscles to ask for what I deserve. To me, that’s worth its weight in gold.

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