Christina Holloway has spoken at a number of top tier institutions, including the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and Yale University’s Women in Management Forum, as well as private engagements with organizations like Ignite SR4 Partners and Stericycle’s International Women’s Day events.

Christina’s main platform focuses on developing the self as a way toward powerful leadership achievements. Her audiences learn how to communicate with purpose, lead with authenticity, overcome imposter syndrome, and develop a powerful personal brand that commands respect and establishes authority.

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Featured Speaker, Lead with Confidence: How a Powerful Personal Brand Can Take You From Leadership Excellence to Mastery

(Stericycle, 2020)

Featured Speaker, Successfully Influence Others: How a Persuasion Campaign Can Set You Apart Professionally

(Ignite sr4 Partners, 2020)

Featured Speaker, Executive Perspectives: How Coaching Can Help You Develop Your Leadership Style

(CFOward, 2019)

Featured Speaker, Booth School of Business Leadership Speaker Series: Identifying and Developing Your Leadership Style

(University of Chicago, 2019)

Featured Speaker, Women in Management Forum, Six Laws of Small Business Strategy

(Yale University, 2013)


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Christina Holloway