How to Start 2020 on the Right Foot

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With the year (and decade) coming to a close, new beginnings in 2020 may inevitably be on your mind.

We all want to show up in 2020 with a sense of change for the better, a sense of empowerment, and a sense of bigger and better things to come. It’s a new decade after all! The draw of new beginnings is strong.

And I’m here for it … all of it!

Here are five articles that focus specifically on making small changes in how you show up every day to help you develop the skills and habits that amplify your leadership potential as you embark on new beginnings in 2020.

1. Organizations don’t change — people do.

This article from McKinsey digs deep into the idea that change happens in an organization when the people show up differently. If you seek to lead powerfully and effectively, take the time to look at your internal experiences. Once you take accountability as a leader by understanding your motivations and inner drives, you can focus on developing awareness.

2. To be an authentic leader in 2020, embrace your inner loser.

This article from Transformational Leadership explores the relationship between stepping outside your comfort zone and the fear of failure. The underlying message here is that a fear of failure can inform and undermine your best efforts to find your authentic leadership voice. There’s some great advice here about what authenticity means in terms of navigating challenging situations.

3. From potential to potent: small identity shifts for everyday evolution.

This article from B the Change talks about how making small changes every day can open a path to significant change down the road. And it doesn’t take much effort. As the article says, new beginnings start with awareness and character.

4. Find your leadership style in 2020. 

There are many articles on what it means to define a leadership style and step into the strengths for the style that suits you best. This article from American Express goes into the basics of the different types of leadership style that you have most likely run into throughout your career. The article concludes with a simple exercise for stepping into your preferred leadership style with confidence.

5. What great leaders really do. 

This article by John Kotter originally appeared in the 2001 publication of Harvard Business Review, and it explores the differences between management and leadership. It’s a pretty deep read with a focus on the differences between coping with complexity (management) versus coping with change (leadership). The point? Management and leadership are two very different distinct roles, and this article helps you clearly identify what it means to step into leadership, in 2020 and beyond.

This week’s blog post carries a pretty heavy dose of internal change! Remember to be kind to yourself and progress at your own pace. The best change happens within and it only takes small tweaks to see big momentum. And that’s the best way to start 2020 on the right foot!


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