How to Define Your 2020 Goals and Find Your Voice



Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you spent the last six weeks reconnecting with old friends, spending time with family, and eating way too much despite your best intentions. I always try to stop and enjoy that time as a way to reconnect with my dreams and ambitions. Now that the holidays are behind us, I’m ready to hit the ground running and make some 2020 goals and resolutions.

Here are five articles to get the new year and new decade off to a terrific start.

1. How to set realistic New Year’s resolutions for your business.

If you’re into New Year’s resolutions, this article from GoDaddy is for you. It goes into the measurable results you can set for your business growth, but it also anchors them in the SMART goals approach. If you’re not familiar with SMART goals, have a look at the article. They can be applied to personal 2020 resolutions and goals as well as business objectives.

2. Ten must-read books to expand your mind.

Make no mistake, this is a list of leadership books, but the interesting part about this article from The Enterprisers Project is that it focuses on the importance of emotional intelligence. It includes some notable authors like Daniel Pink and Tim Ferriss, as well as links to additional content from the authors.

3. Don’t set too many 2020 goals for yourself.

This Harvard Business Review article comes from one of my favorite authors, Dorie Clark. Here she talks about the benefits of having a long-range plan for yourself, but also checking in frequently throughout the year to course correct, if necessary. Conducting a 90-day review each quarter can have a huge impact on your progress and success as you map out your 2020 goals.

4. A decade detox for your 2020 goals. 

This article from Well & Good is an easy read. The interview with Patty Morrissey, who is an expert on organization, is simple and direct. What I like are the clear coaching questions to help you understand how the last decade played out for you. When did you feel the most alive? When did you feel the most drained? When could you have shown up better? Taking the time to understand the last 10 years goes a long way to understanding what you need going forward and how setting your 2020 goals will propel you in a new direction.

5. Coffee and chocolate make you smarter. 

It’s frivolous, I know. But when I saw the article, it made me smile. And that’s kinda the point. We all know the cycle by now. Studies show something is good for you and then another study a month later says it isn’t. You can’t win, but if you enjoy your cup of joe in the morning or your chocolate hit in the afternoon, then take this moment to savor the fact that a study supports your dietary choices … until next month, when it doesn’t.

And don’t forget to start the new year with some reflection. Many of us are evaluating the choices we’ve made over the past few years, where that has taken us to this moment, and what we need to do to continue on this path, redirect, or let it go. It can be overwhelming.

For that, let me ask you this. If what you’re feeling right now had a voice, what would it say to you? Listen to it, think about it, and then take small steps to honor it.


Christina Holloway is an executive coach and business coach. She helps executives and entrepreneurs grow their companies faster, create results-driven teams, and increase profitability. She has been featured in ForbesThe Huffington PostAddicted2Success and Fast Company. If you’re interested in working with Christina, take a look at her strategy sessions and contact her to get started.

Christina Holloway