Do You Feel Compensated or Valued?



If you’ve ever hit a point in your career where you felt you were undervalued, you’re not alone.

Throughout our professional journey, there will be points when we realize that we’ve taken on more than we should, agreed to one too many requests from others, or just gave 110% for something that really wasn’t worth it.

This week, I’m sharing my latest article for Forbes that outlines exactly how to handle a situation that is no longer giving you a return for your efforts.

At the heart of discontent is the feeling that something isn’t right, or is no longer working. If you’re feeling under appreciated or you’re finding that the work you do pays well but isn’t leading you where you want to go, then make sure to read the article.

I discuss the different situations that could lead to feeing under valued, including answers to the following questions:

  • What has changed in your environment to bring up these feelings?
  • Is this challenge leading you to bigger things?
  • Can you see the forest for the trees?
  • Are they actually paying you enough for your troubles?

Once you’ve had a chance to read the article, take some time to reflect on your current situation.

What’s one area where you feel you are under valued? What kind of small change could you make to show up differently? How could you set better expectations for yourself and limitations for others in order to feel better about the work you’re doing?

Remember, you deserve to be valued and well compensated for your efforts. This article is all about re-assessing how much you are valued when it comes to the work you’re doing. If there’s a disconnect, make sure to step back and evaluate your situation. You owe that to yourself.


Christina Holloway is an executive coach and business coach. She helps executives and entrepreneurs grow their companies faster, create results-driven teams, and increase profitability. She has been featured in ForbesThe Huffington PostAddicted2Success and Fast Company. If you’re interested in working with Christina, take a look at her strategy sessions and contact her to get started.

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