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Jobs at the c-suite are evolving. Not long ago, people at the senior-most executive levels relied on technical and functional knowledge to run businesses and illustrate leadership skills. Today, a strong grasp of business fundamentals and strategy will more than likely get you to the c-suite. A healthy culture and effective engagement with your teams and employees will keep you there. I teach my clients how to become seen as leaders in their industry through a framework focused on communications, performance and strengths. To learn more, take a look at my offerings below.

Strategy Sessions

Christina’s strategy sessions and workshops provide flexible solutions to best suit your needs.

Executive Mastermind

For those who want advanced personalized solutions and advice, this mastermind might be for you.

Speaking Engagements

Christina’s style of blending humor with insights and big ideas sets her apart as an engaging and fun speaker.

I love what I do and so do my clients. Have a look at my testimonials page to see what some of my clients have to say about our work together.

My blog centers on three key themes: communications, performance and strengths. They’re the foundation for the framework I used to develop key leadership and management skills. Check it out while you’re here.

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